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August 2, 3, 4, 2019
Buy Michigan Now Fall Fest
Presented by A1CU
Jackson, Michigan
Saturday October 27, 2018
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Author Appearances

We love supporting artists and encouraging people to "read local," so this year we are delighted to welcome these Michigan authors to the festival to sign and sell their books. These titles will make spectacular gifts!


4PM – 8PM 
Erica Emelander 
School teacher and frequent historic content contributor to Buy Michigan Now, Erica Emelander writes books that bring history to life.

Dianna Stampfler   
Dianna Stamplfler is a passionate advocate for all things Michigan and frequently writes and lectures about the Great Lakes State. Two of her favorite things to explore are lighthouses and haunted sites. She combines both interests in her uniquely intriguing book, Michigan's Haunted Lighthouses.

Stephen Hartman  
Novelist, Steven Hartman, once worked in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, but now resides in Michigan and has authored four fictional works include The Ten-Day Forecast, My Funny Old Soul Mate, The Peppermill Murders, and When Santa Came to Town.   

Angela Berent 
If you know an aspiring writer or just an introspective soul, Angela Berent's books are meant to inspire participation in life and the written word. In A Modern-Day Memoir and Berent's new Trace Your Travels: An Adventure Journal, readers will find inspiring topics, relevant quotes, and open space to respond. What sets these journals apart is the author's share on each topic, providing a forum for the readers to add their own persective. 


10:00AM – 1:00PM 

Donald Levin 
Mystery writer, Donald Levin, has penned six novels following the exploits of protagonist Martin Preuss: Crimes of Live, The Baker's Men, Guilt in Hiding, The Forgotten Child, An Uncertain Accomplice, and his latest effort, Cold Dark Lies.

Pam Rossi 
Over the 17 years of hosting the acclaimed radio show, Over Easy, Pam Rossi interviewed over 500 musicians. Her book is chock full of those conversations with people like Jeff Daniels, Dan Fogelberg, Richie Havens, Al Stewart, and more.  

Joseph Byler
An avid hunter, Joseph Byler's big buck nemesis eventually turned him into a writer, and that is just one of the lessons he learned from a quest to track this animal, which is chronciled in his book Zombie Deer and the Brow Tine Buck

Ky'la Sims 
Based on her own experiences, through Duck's First Day of School, Ky'la Sims guides children ten and under in how to approach the trials and tribulations of starting out at a new school.

1:00PM – 4:00PM

Cari Noga 
PR specialist, Cari Noga spent ten years as a newspaper reporter before adding novelist to her resume. She writes resilience stories about contemporary, unconventional families. Her Michigan-set works include Sparrow Migrations and The Orphan Daughter.

Joe Spraga 
Joe Spraga's inventive book, The Snitch, the Witch, and The One Who Was Rich, is chock full of quirky townsfolk who seek wisdom from Father Time. It's a new and modern day nursery rhyme.  

Wendy Thompson
If you like Dan Brown and Diana Gabaldon, then you'll likely enjoy exploring the work of Wendy Thompson, especially her latest book, The Third Order.

Kath Usitalo
Travel journalist Kath Usitalo provides tons of tips to help you explore two of our state's most spectacular tourism destinations in her books 100 Things to Do on Mackinac Island Before You Die and 100 Things to Do in the Upper Peninsula Before You Die.

4:00PM – 8:00PM 

J.R. Armstrong 
Combining a love of travel and good old fashioned romance, J.R. Armstrong has won First Place for Romance in ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Awards twice--once for Owe It To The Wind and again for Truly, Everything. She has also been a Finalist in the Eric Hoffer Awards and the Indie Excellence Book Awards.

R. Wolf Baldassarro  
Poet, photographer, paranormal investigator, R. Wolf Baldassarro is a man of many interests. Through the written word, he shares his passions and experiences on a wide range of subjects, including hunting ghosts.  

Donovan Neal

In his series, The Third Heaven, author Donovan Neal explores the fascinating story of the fall of Lucifer.

Michael Milo Faff
With a practice that specializes in Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Couples Counseling and Pain Management, Michael Faff has a wealth of experience on which to draw. His first book, All My Pain and Suffering tackles intriguing questions like Why do you have the personality you do and can you change it? How was your belief system formed and can it be changed? If you don’t like who you are, can you change?


10:00AM – 1:30PM 

Ian Tadashi Moore 
Ian Tadashi Moore's first book, Zōsan, started out as just a few illustrations tied to a Japanese folk song, but ended up being a full narrative of over 8000 words. His second effort,Tamaishi, is a chapter book geared toward young readers.

Terry & Katy Hojnacki 
Mother daughter team, Terry Hojnacki (author) and her daughter, Katy Hojnacki (illustrator) have combined their talents to create the children's book I Can See With My Eyes Shut Tight. The pair will also be selling and signing Sterling Script: A Local Author Collection, which features the creative work of 20 different Michigan different authors.

Robert Allen Young
Combining his musical talent, and upbeat approach to life, Robert Allen Young has penned a book about dealing with trials and tribulations that revolves around an old familair tune. That's What It's All About: Life Lessons from the Hokey Pokey is an encouraging book for overcoming fear, healing relationships, finding hope, and seiziing opportunities.

Kelsey Fox
What teacher doesn't love a well-crafted children's book with fun illustrations and a lovely lesson ta boot? Kelsey Fox enjoyed them so much that she decided to use her educational experience to create a few of her own. All of her adorable characters are based on students she has known through her teaching career, children of friends, and of course family. 

1:30PM – 5:00PM 

Carol Sorkin Hunter
With a childhood spent in Hollywood, a father who is beloved by the entertainment elite, and all the shiny things money can buy, Carol Sorkin Hunter's life should be a fairy tale…right? A Divine Accident is the touching and inspiring true story of one woman's refusal to give up on herself when the world around her seems to have already done so. As she finds love and grace, Hunter slowly and surely begins to finally discover who she is.

Steven Harms
Steven C. Harms debut, Give Place to Wrath, has garnered two awards including Finalist of the 2018 American Fiction Awards, and a 2018 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award finalist. The story follows Detective Roger Viceroy who wakes one morning to a bombing in a wealthy suburb of Milwaukee. As he and his team dive into the investigation, a mysterious clue launches a manhunt with scant other evidence to point them in the right direction.

Kelsey Fox 
Kelsey is staying through the afternoon to share her experience and her work: Just Try It Wyatt, Please Be Quiet, Wyatt, and Cody the Coyote.

Franklin Wilson
Franklin R. Wilson took up writing after he retired. He has written some fantastical books involving centaurs and wizards. His latest effort is a bit of a departure, involving terrorists and local, national, and international intrigue. It's a bone-chilling, edge-of-your-seat thriller in which almost every page introduces a new element to the mystery.